The Safety of Our Water Is Not In Good Hands. It’s Time To Demand Action

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The Safety of Our Water Is Not In Good Hands. It’s Time To Demand Action

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Flint has shown Americans what problems water contamination can bring about. Even though people think the head of the federal state and local agencies may not be doing exactly what they have been promising, it proved to be true.

According to the studies by The Guardian, it was found that 33 cities east of the Mississippi River have used water methods that are inadequate to estimate the amount of lead present. In another two states, these tests were conducted earlier to re-sample if they would get bad results.

Contaminated water

The reports provided by different bodies are not reliable as they are often changed. Water utility managers are either affected by greed, or they fear to lose their job if the reports showed high lead content.

Sometimes, this happens due to the understaffed agencies conducting the surveys. If you think this is news, then it is time to wake up as it has been happening a long time. Flint has shown that now it’s time to take action. Although EPA is taking steps to prevent the water from any contamination, it will take years to study the chemicals present and to find the safe limit.

In the town of Hinkley, California, hexavalent chromium was present in the water that was causing cancer. The government is blamed for these issues, but will that resolve anything?

What is most important is action by the public. It is our duty to attend council meetings and demand change now.

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Shocking Truth About Tap Water

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