The EPA Is Sued For Missing Drinking-Water Deadlines

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The EPA Is Sued For Missing Drinking-Water Deadlines


While the Environmental Protection agency is mainly responsible for taking action on the different environmental issues related to public health and safety, recently it was found that the EPA is ignoring different deadlines for reviewing and revising standards. They are responsible for setting and revising standards for solvents, chromium, the Legionella bacteria, and all other pathogens available in the drinking tap water. Yet, a group of conservatives accused the EPA of avoiding its duty.

A suit was filed by the nonprofit Water keeper Alliance in the federal court of Manhattan. They have done so along with their 300 plus members that are the California Coastkeeper Alliance and Waterkeepers Chesapeake, who are Maryland based. They want the EPA to comply with the deadlines set by Congress in the Safe Drinking Water Act of 1996. This Act was enacted after there was an outbreak of water borne illness within the nation that took more than 100 lives nationwide.

According to the law, there is a schedule where the EPA must identify any contamination present in tap water and set different standards for any type of contamination, like the lead level is set as 15 ppb. They must also review the standard after every 6 years.

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