Tens of millions of Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water each year

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Tens of millions of Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water each year


The problem of contaminated tap water is rising in America day by day, year by year. Many types of research revealed that Americans are exposed to many life-threatening chemicals like lead, chromium-6, PFAS, and arsenic every year.
The tap water most people rely on is being contaminated more and more. A study conducted in 2015 revealed that above 21 million people who were using tap water were exposed to many toxic chemicals because of the violation of drinking water standards.

study conducted at the University of California by Maura Allaire found that about 23% of the U.S population, estimated to be around 45 million people, were exposed to contaminated tap water from 1982 to 2015.

Allaire also pointed out that rural areas with low income had more repeated violations of drinking water standards than cities.

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Due to the leaks from industries and natural sources, the tap water sources around California are being contaminated by chromium-6 or hexavalent chromium. California coast and central valley are highly affected by this contamination, and researchers are yet to identify the real cause for the contamination.

States like New York, Michigan, and Colorado are highly affected by PFAS in the drinking water. According to the research published, over 30 communities are affected by the contamination. State senators have already filed two bills to tackle the issue and to provide safe drinking water to the people of America.

Even though drinking contaminated water doesn’t produce any sudden side effects, it can cause severe conditions in the long run, like cancer, cardiovascular and neurological diseases etc..

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2 responses to “Tens of millions of Americans exposed to unsafe drinking water each year”

  1. johnny_the_deb says:

    Utterly disgusting ! won’t be drinking a drop of it , no more !

  2. JJ_4100 says:

    Rural areas water are contaminated by farm chemicals sprayed on GMOs

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