Tap Water In Hundreds Of Chicago Homes Contains Brain-Damaging Lead

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Tap Water In Hundreds Of Chicago Homes Contains Brain-Damaging Lead

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Chicago resident Sam Corona fears that pouring from his tap is a blend of life-giving water in brain damage: when I was younger I remember going to the filtration plants and taking a tour of it and I remember being told this is the safest drinking water in the world right ! This was when I was like 13 years old and Here I am 37 years old finding out that there’s lead inside the water .

Over the past two years, the Chicago Tribune tested water from nearly 3,000 homes and nearly 70% of the samples , the newspaper found lead. In three out of ten samples lead levels exceeded five parts per billion, the maximum level the US Food and Drug Administration allows in bottled water. it’s a health hazard in cities across the United States and around the world .

Lead causes brain damage especially in children. Flint Michigan recently stopped delivering bottled water to residents after declaring its lead water crisis over . Some cities including Chicago actually required lead service lines between the main drinking water line in the street and homes until Congress banned the practice in 1986. There’s an irony here, the Great Lakes of North America are the largest source of fresh water in the world .

Water from Lake Michigan is generally lead-free when it leaves water treatment plants here but it becomes contaminated when it runs through lead service lines underground . Chicago has more than 300 thousand of them more than any other city in America. Chicago’s Park Service has shut off or removed half of its 1,200 water fountains and it is leaving hundreds of others on around-the-clock to minimize lead levels but it is not replacing all of its lead service lines . Surely, Cost is one part of it .

There’s also just the public image of having claimed for many years that the water is fine. The city’s Department of water management, said, in a statement that, year after year, Chicago’s water exceeds the standards set by the US EPA lead and copper rule for clean safe drinking water . Additionally the Chicago Department of water management takes a proactive approach to mitigating lead in the water system . Chicago is also offering free water testing kits but Sam Corona is still waiting on his.

Water is basic, we need it to survive and it has a contaminant in it so how is the quality of our lives of our residents if they’re drinking contaminated water, corona says, waiting and hoping he and his family have not been drinking poisoned water all these years .

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Shocking Truth About Tap Water

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