Suez Has Offered To Test For Lead In The Water Of Any Concerned Customer

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Suez Has Offered To Test For Lead In The Water Of Any Concerned Customer

If the Suez water customers of Hudson and Bergen counties meet certain criterion, then they can take the utility up for testing the lead level in their water.
Suez, in response to the notice of non-compliance that was issued by State department of environmental Protection, has offered to test lead in the water for any concerned customer having pipes that Suez does not have any record of the material or pipes which are fed by the utility owned lead services.

It makes it clear that everyone cannot request to test their water. It is for those whose water supply is owned by Suez. It is applicable to about 17,000 service lines. Jersey City, Bayonne, and Hoboken are not included as these cities have their own water system, although it may be seen that Suez trucks are making repairs.

According to the EPA, high levels of lead beyond 15 ppb is not good for health, especially for children, as they will face learning disabilities. Just drinking the lead contaminated water may not pose a risk. It depends upon who is consuming it and how. Like, if a kid drinks the water mixed with their formula, then they have high chances of being affected.
Suez has confirmed that, if they find any household with high levels of lead, they will send the family a water pitcher with a filter.

The main problem lies in the fact that, in many homes, there are still the lead service lines, and this aging infrastructure is making this problem. To upgrade the whole infrastructure will not only take time, but also is a huge task. The total cost of upgrading in the state will be around $8 billion, and until state approves funding, further tasks cannot be done.

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