Shelburn Officials Address Water Issues

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Shelburn Officials Address Water Issues

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There is a controversy over the water issues in Shelburn. While the city officials claim there are no issues with the water, despite having issued four different boil orders in the past six months, the residents think otherwise.

Compared to the size of the town of Shelburn, four boil orders in only six months cannot be considered normal. The officials claim there is an increase in boil orders, not because of any issues, but because the officials wanted to be cautious about the drinking water safety.

There were minor incidents, such as the main water leak or the chlorine pump malfunction, which were not very dangerous, but in order to take precautions and not to jeopardize the health of the residents, boil orders were issued.

Residents, on the other hand, are thankful for this concern, but getting constant boil orders is becoming inconvenient. Even for a glass of water, you need to boil the water; otherwise, you may get sick.

Residents claim that, when it was necessary, there were no boil water orders and now, even for a simple issue, the officials are issuing boil orders. Sometimes, this is causing a lot of problems. They must look for costlier alternatives to have safe drinking water.
The boil orders are issued whenever there is a bad sample received so that the water does not affect the health of the residents.

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