Sewage Spill, Closed Road: Cobb Hires Contractor to Help With Flooding

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Sewage Spill, Closed Road: Cobb Hires Contractor to Help With Flooding


Officials said the road closure near Cobb county was due to continuing rain that resulted in a sewage spill from the creek. Although drinking water is safe, there is an unknown amount of untreated wastewater that has spilled over into the main tributary of the Chattahoochee River.

Even at Columns drive, the authorities have closed between Atlanta Country Club Drive and Willow Knoll Drive for New Year’s Eve. The government officials have told the locals about the sewage overflow into the main tributary.

In order to pump out the remaining water on the still closed roads, the Cobb county transportation department has hired contractors. They are working together to remove the excess water. There were issues for drivers who are traveling over the barricaded road. They are trying to navigate another route. The commissioner has also informed that, throughout Friday, the road will be closed.

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To clear the pump shaft near the South Cobb Water Reclamation facility, the officials have hired a contractor to supply additional pumps. The county is also borrowing pumps from nearby municipalities to help recover from the situation as fast as possible.

How the water will be cleared is not known, but it will be done soon after the rain stops. It is expected that the rain will stop by Saturday. Once the rain stops, the roadblock can be cleared. Until then, the residents have been notified about the sewage spillage.

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