Drinking-Water Crisis In Rural America’s

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Drinking-Water Crisis In Rural America’s

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This is not a problem only in Martin Country, Kentucky but most of rural America. When faucets are turned on, sometimes there is water and sometimes there is none. Moreover, one cannot be sure whether the water they are getting is good enough or not! Most of the time, it is contaminated, and the County Water board suggests this issue is due to the busted, old infrastructure.

The water crisis in urban areas vs. rural areas

Most of the time, water crises are linked with urban areas like Michigan, Flint, or even Cape Town South Africa. The issue is that these towns may have gotten attention, but small places like Martin County and others suffer much more than these places. Compared to the big cities, fewer people get water from a faulty drinking water system in rural areas, where not much is brought to attention.

Compared to any big city, the water in rural America is more contaminated due to old bad pipes or coal fields. With time, as the economic gap is increasing; the seriousness of the water problem is increasing! The main problem is that the very industry that is helping in the development of the area is contaminating the water most.

Like in Appalachia, mining is doing the damage. In areas extending from North Carolina to West Virginia, the water problem is caused mainly from the burning coal stored in liquid ponds.

Water affecting the life of Rural Americans

Even the media does not seem to continue the stories that are related to water contamination in rural America. While these toxin-related subjects get out of the headlines quickly, they remain in the body of the residents for a long time. Residents of different areas are suffering from various diseases (You may want to read our related article Tap Water and Diseases ) depending upon the type of contamination in their region.

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