Newark Water Crisis Continues – Are We Facing A New Jersey’s Flint?

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Newark Water Crisis Continues – Are We Facing A New Jersey’s Flint?


The lead incident of Flint was an eye opener, whereby the Government started taking care of different water lead levels. And now, after this, it is well known that Flint was not the only place with the threat of lead, there are more such places like Newark in New Jersey. The tap water there is not good enough and has high lead levels.

Newark was called Mini Flint after more than thirty schools in the city were detected with lead contaminated tap water. It has high a rate of poverty and the population is mostly black. Thus, the officials kept ignoring the facts and even spoke out about having safe drinking water.

The lead level set by EPA is 15 ppb, but it was found that in more than 22 percent of the samples tested, the lead level was higher. The Mayor suggested that they will arrange for filters to those homes where lead level was found high.

City officials still claim that the water lead level is not something very dangerous, but the citizens find it otherwise. They do not agree with the statement that only tap water in certain areas is affected by lead contamination. They do not want to compare Newark with Flint, as they said that Flint didn’t take any steps, but at Newark it was a mistake.

Different activist organizations and the citizens are not happy with the explanation and say that only the water from the Pequannock Treatment Plant may have high risk of lead. The activists have also started mission that will educate the citizens about the risk associated with lead. They want the city to test everyone for lead at its own expense. The infrastructure should also be mended so that further problems do not arise in near future.

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