Murky Tap Water And Economic Hardship In Central Texas

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Murky Tap Water And Economic Hardship In Central Texas


Residents of Rockdale complain of the sudden flow of dark-colored water, but the officials claim it is safe for drinking. The statement may seem vague, but for that, the situation of Rockdale, a small place in Texas, has to be understood.

The situation of Rockdale is tough. It is fighting the closure of medical facilities, its economy is falling apart, and the enrollment in schools dwindles. The rush belt county in central Texas may have the problem of corrosive water, but other problems have become far more important.

Rockdale had been a proud mining county for a century thanks to the Aluminum Company of America. Since the 1950s, Alcoa had their smelting operations in Rockdale. The population and the standard of living had risen gradually. However, after the global turbulent in the aluminum market, there was some curtailing of employees. Gradually, in 2017, the company shut off its operations in the county. There were many closures, including hospitals, which increased unemployment rate.

Presently, the residents of Rockdale are older and poorer compared to most Texans. The Rockdale officials believe they have made many layoffs, and now, this water issue will be resolved too. The water there is safe to drink as most of the pipelines have manganese and iron.

The tests for copper and lead are negative. Thus, the water may be corrosive, but it has passed all the grades required for it to be safe for drinking. City officials are looking forward to repairing the pipelines, so they can regain the confidence of the residents.

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Shocking Truth About Tap Water

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