More Water Tests Show Bacteria Presence In the city Of Adrian, Michigan

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More Water Tests Show Bacteria Presence In the city Of Adrian, Michigan


The water in the city of Adrian, Michigan was reported to be safe until the residents complained that there was some odor. It was earlier thought to occur due to the low water level at Lake Adrian. Later, when the residents found that they and their pets had digestive problems, then they wanted it investigated.

When the water was tested, it was found that there was the presence of a bacteria called cyanobacteria. Even at one site, Bacteroides was also found. The green-blue algae cyanobacteria are toxic and can cause fatal issues to humans.

It produces microcystin, and it was the reason for the shutdown of the Toledo drinking water system during 2014. The possible cause for odor complaint was that the bacteria had died and dried there.

However, it was suggested that the water systems should be upgraded to have ozone or ultraviolet treatment before supplying. Residents who had been using the water from Lake Adrian sent emails stating the problems they had faced. The officials are giving importance to all these and steps are being taken so that the bacteria are cleared from the water.

Lake Adrian has been an essential source of water, and during summer when the water dries, such issues may come up. However, if the state is prepared beforehand, they can find out a solution and keep providing their residents safe drinking water.

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