Lead Poisoning Afflicts Neighborhoods across California

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Lead Poisoning Afflicts Neighborhoods across California

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In California, according to Reuters, the rate of lead poisoning of children is more than that of Flint, Michigan. While California is well-known for its environmental advocacy, in the case of lead contamination in water, California too has exposed its children to lead. The downtown Los Angeles and the Bay area seem to be most affected.

In the city of Flint, 5% of blood tests on children under six years old had a high lead level, while in California, it exceeds 13.6 percent in the Fresno zip code. The authorities are aware of the danger, and they are looking for the sources of such contamination.

Tests were not conducted on all zip codes, and among the ones where the tests were conducted, the screening was not done on many children. Thus, the results obtained are not reliable. Most of the children affected by lead poisoning are found living in old houses. The lead service lines represent a significant issue for such a problem.

The impact of lead is terrible to any human being, but for children younger than the age of 6, it is dangerous. It affects their brain development, reduces their IQ, and creates other major problems. The main problem lies in the water lines, gasoline lines, and the household paints where lead is used.

The different zip codes of Fresno show results that are not satisfactory; for instance, 120 homes had unsafe levels of lead . The poverty rate along with substandard housing played an important role in increasing the number of cases where lead was exceeding the acceptable level.

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