Lead Lingers In Parchment after Drinking Water Emergency

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Lead Lingers In Parchment after Drinking Water Emergency


Parchment, MI – Even after telling the residents that the drinking water in Parchment is safe, there is news of lead contamination in the water. Now, questions related to the safety of water are lingering everywhere.

Parchment water advisory lifted

In order to remove the effect of lead from the pipelines, a protective coating was applied, but still, copper and lead continue to leach into the water. Therefore, to combat the situation, last week, the health advisory committee has overtaken the issue.

It is expected that they will check on the lead level and inform the residents whether it is safe to continue drinking tap water or not.

To fight the situation, the officials have taken action. Filters have been provided to those households with children. Homeowners can call specific numbers to check if their water has lead above the required level or not.

Officials have also pointed out those areas where lead pipelines for the water supply still exist. Before all this, the officials claimed the water at Parchment was safe. But gradually, different test results showed that 10 percent of the water supply still had lead levels above 15 ppb as is suggested by the EPA.

Those families with children and infants need to be more careful, as they are more prone to lead contamination. It can affect their health badly and may affect their IQ forever..

Parchment is fighting against lead contamination. The first effort, of course, is to remove the lead pipes. Effort from both residents and state officials will help in achieving this.

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