Lead Concerns Addressed in Benton Harbor

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Lead Concerns Addressed in Benton Harbor


Safe drinking water is a concern of every local authority, and thus the City of Benton Harbor officials gathered in the town hall to discuss it. As residents of Benton Harbor, the water must be safe for their grandkids too. This meeting at the town hall was organized by the Berrien County Health Department and Benton Harbor’s City Manager Darwin Watson, to update the public about the water issues in Michigan. This problem persists in the state of Michigan, as well as the whole nation.

During the routine testing of 2018, the city become aware of the elevated level of lead in the drinking tap water. Every testing after this discovery showed an elevated level of lead that was more than 15 ppb.

To fight the situation, the state has already used about $80,000 from the total grant of $300,000 with the belief that the lead pipes were the main source of contamination. They are even suggesting to the residents that if they suspect that the lead level may be high in their tap water, then they must flush water for 5 minutes before they collect it for drinking. They can even pick up a special water filter, NSF53, that is available within the city.

The City Manager hopes that all this will convey the message to the residents that the authorities are working on the problem. It is a process that will take time to overcome, but when everyone is aware of the situation it becomes easier to handle it efficiently.

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