Lansing Local Residents Don’t Want The Community to Forget Flint

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Lansing Local Residents Don’t Want The Community to Forget Flint

Lansing State Journal

Lansing is a neighbor to Flint, and they remember everything that happened with their friends there.
The lead contamination in Flint has not only affected the lives of people in Flint but also in Lansing. This has got people worried. They have done their best to show support to the residents of Flint.

Lansing City

They had worked with volunteer groups and had sent bottled water to Flint until April 2018, when Flint officials claimed the water is safe there. According to them, the lead level was 4 ppb. EPA has set the lead level to be 15 ppb, but no amount of lead is safe, and still, there will be some lead in the body.
The state providers have taken steps to regain the confidence of the citizens.

Still, people there are afraid, and naturally, it takes time when your family member is affected badly by lead contamination from drinking water.

The issue in Flint is not over as it has been felt by many. Even the service lines that are made of lead are not replaced, which makes it difficult for the whole system to survive. It will take until mid-2019 to replace all the lead pipelines. Until then, the threat exists.
The ‘love from Lansing’ volunteer wants to increase the awareness of common people, so occurrence like what happened in Flint does not happen soon.

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