Kym Worthy Asked To Take Over Flint Water Crisis Prosecution

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Kym Worthy Asked To Take Over Flint Water Crisis Prosecution


Dana Nessel asked Wayne County Prosecutor Kym Worthy to take over the prosecution of the biggest issue of Michigan during the past decade, the Flint Water Crisis. The new Michigan Attorney General is taking every step and not wasting any time in making the necessary changes. She replaced Special Prosecutor Todd Flodd by sending an email, whereby she declared her decision.

Flint water crisis timeline

She has shown her confidence in Worthy to her team. In her opinion of such cases, it is essential that they handle the cases fast. In return to the request by the Attorney General, the office of Prosecutor Worthy replied that they would conduct the assessment independently, and after it is completed, they will present the full report to the Attorney General. They also reminded of the total materials that must be reviewed, as the incidents are almost three years old.

Flodd helped the investigations earlier, and during that time, he brought cases against 13 former and current local and state officials. During 2014 and 2015, Flint was operated mainly by state-appointed managers, and it was because of their negligence that the corrosive Flint River water was not treated. There was lead in the old pipes that contaminated the water.

They were looking forward to reducing cost, but instead, they did not do anything to the lead-contaminated water in people’s home.
It is believed that, with proper investigation, such incidents can be stopped in the near future.

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