In The US, You Could Get Cancer From Drinking Tap Water, Scientists Warn

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In The US, You Could Get Cancer From Drinking Tap Water, Scientists Warn


A major new study by researchers from Harvard University and other institutions reveals that more than six million people in the US are drinking poisoned water every day and are prone to cancer and other diseases. This water contains poisonous industrial chemicals that lead to such illnesses.

PFAS contamination

After researching water samples collected from 36,000 sources, it was found that a chemical known as PFOAs was present in 194 of the 4,864 samples tested. There was at least one sample in 66 water supplies that are above the safety level set by EPA.

Newark, Delaware was found to be the place with the highest concentration, where the PFOA level was about 25 times higher than the safety limits. The main problem was with the watersheds that are near military bases, industrial sites, and wastewater treatment plants.

Polyfluoroalkyl and Perfluoroalkyl substances or the PFOAs are used every day in different things, like non-sticking cookware, .e.g pans , pizza boxes, carpets and furniture. This type of chemical is released in the environment in increasingly higher volume every day and is threatening humanity with issues like obesity, cancer, delayed puberty or even low birth weight.

This didn’t happen in a few years but is a result of the use of PFOAs and other chemicals over many years. Now, Americans are facing the consequences. Many manufacturers have stopped using these chemicals after the concern is raised, but still, the chemical is there in human life as well as in the natural environment of animals.

The highest level of concentration is found in California, New Jersey, Alabama, North Carolina, Pennsylvania, New York, Ohio, and a few other states. The main problem is that this chemical cannot be reduced easily with normal wastewater treatment.

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Shocking Truth About Tap Water

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