Grand Isle’s Drinking Water to Alter Disinfectants. Chlorine Might Be In Your Water.

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Grand Isle’s Drinking Water to Alter Disinfectants. Chlorine Might Be In Your Water.


The residents of Grand Isle may find changes in the taste or smell of their drinking water. This change is nothing to worry about, as the Parish government is changing the disinfectant from chloramine to chlorine.

Due to this change, the tap water may taste a bit different, or there may be some smell. This change will last about a month, and according to the officials, this system is normal for any water system where chloramine is used.

Even during the change period, the water will be matching the standard set by the EPA, and there will be no risk in drinking it. However, users might be affected by the change in taste or smell.

As the water is safe to drink, there is no need to boil it before drinking. Still, those who are having problems with the smell or the taste of chlorine may take some simple steps to get rid of the smell.
When water is not used for several hours, the tap water should be left flowing for at least 5 minutes and then used.

An open pitcher should be filled after letting the water run for 2 minutes. When the pitcher is refrigerated, the chlorine smell will disappear after a few hours. The best way to remove the chlorine smell is by using a water filter.

The filter should be as per the standard of the National Sanitation Foundation (check out our best-selling water filters here). The cartridge of the filter should also be removed afterwards as suggested by the manufacturer.

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Shocking Truth About Tap Water

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