Grand Isle residents may notice change to water

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Grand Isle residents may notice change to water


The residents of Grand Isle may find out that there is a certain change in their drinking water.
This is due to the conversion that will be carried out at the Grand Isle distribution system. From Monday, there will be a conversion in the distribution system from chloramine to free chlorine.

During most of the year, Chloramine is used for maintaining a disinfectant residual in the total water distribution system of Grand Isle.

They are assuring that the chlorine level will be according to the standard set by the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). It will not pose any health risk to the users. The notice also mentioned that, even if there will be no difference in the level of chlorine, the type of chlorine will be changing.

Due to these circumstances, the residents do not have to boil the water. However, if they find any smell or different taste, they should do the following:
– If the water is not used for several hours, before using the water, the cold water tap should be run for at least 5 minutes.

– Use an open pitcher for collecting and refrigerating the cold tap water. Before you start filling the pitcher, the cold tap water should be run for 2 minutes. Leave the pitcher for a few hours, and the chlorine smell or taste will disappear.

Chlorine smell and taste can be reduced by using water filters. The filter used should be according to the standard set by the National Sanitation Foundation. Also, do not forget to replace the cartridge of the filter as suggested by the manufacturer.

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