Don’t Drink The Water ! Diarrhea from U.S. Swimming Pools Rising

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Don’t Drink The Water ! Diarrhea from U.S. Swimming Pools Rising


As the temperature rises, U.S officials are cautioning the residents about the outburst of diarrhea that is mainly caused due to swallowing swimming pool water. It was found that parasites were present in such pools. The officials warn that will be double the rate of last year.

Swimming pools and diarrhea

The main reason for such infection is due to ingesting the water that is contaminated by diarrhea of another person. The parasite Cryptosporidium or Crypto affects the body and is difficult to kill. In 2014, Crypto caused 16 outbreaks in water parks or swimming pools, while in 2016, this amounts to 32.

In Arizona, it was reported that 352 people were sick after being affected by Cryptosporidiosis from July to October. The number of cases amounted to 62 between the year 2011 and 2015. In Ohio, the number of infections was 1940 in 2016. Crypto can survive in chlorinated water for ten days thus can affect many people, and when water contaminated with crypto is drunk, a person will be sick for about three weeks.

Therefore, to reduce this occurrence, CDC introduced DNA based tracking tools. They recommended that each swimming pool must be closed and then treated with a high level of chlorine popularly known as hyperchlorination. It is expected to kill the parasites. It even suggested that parents should not allow their children to swim when they are suffering from diarrhea. Swimmers should not ingest water at the swimming pool while swimming.

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