Contaminated Water: What If Your Well Has PFAS?

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Contaminated Water: What If Your Well Has PFAS?

Drinking water is a necessity in every family and when it is contaminated, the families face health issues. The same happened to a local family in Cooper Township. They had followed in the news special report that PFAS was contaminating the water in the Parchment region. PFAS, or polyfluoroalkyl, are used in different industries for various purpose.

The problem with the chemical is that it does not breaks down, either in environment or human body. It continues to accumulate there over time, and then there are health issues. This local Watson family stopped drinking the water, as they had children in the family. After testing the water, it was found that there were no PFAs in said drinking water. The testing company used what is called 537 version 1.1 to perform the test.

They were safe, but not all families in the locality were safe. If they had a private well or they relied on tap water, they had to drink the contaminated water only. However, here authorities took step to help the people.

The first thing DEQ is doing is looking for areas where there are industrial or commercial sources. They have looked for houses with contaminated water. As per the federal government, if there is 70 parts per trillion PFAS in water, then it’s too high.

To meet such circumstances, they have funds for providing bottled water during the period when further steps are not taken. Then the water filtration system is checked and ensured that it provides pure tap water, even though it will cost hundreds of dollars to the authorities.
They have also declared that, if anyone is finding any problem with their well water, they must contact the authorities fast.

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