High Lead Levels Found in Bordentown Water System

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High Lead Levels Found in Bordentown Water System


According to the Bordentown City Officials, there are high lead levels found in the drinking water system of the city. There are certain clusters that are hot spot. They have also asked the county to provide them with a mobile testing van so that they can test the blood of children in the area.
The tap water of the region was not found to be satisfactory after the tests. In 10 percent of the 73 homes, the lead level was above 15 ppb. This was the third time that the federal lead limit of 15 ppb was exceeded in the last few testings.

Commissioner Myers says he is concerned about the health and safety of his citizens and assures that the tap water that is released from the treatment plant has almost no lead, thus he suspects that the leak must be from somewhere else. It means there are homes where the plumbing lines may be the source of lead, thus the city is digging outer water lines in 19 homes. However, after digging eight, no lead pipes were found which means this was not the source.

Thus, officials believe the lead galvanized pipe lines must be somewhere else, maybe from the water source to the homes. Some others said that, although they have changed the lead pipes with plastic pipes, still the lead level in homes is 123 ppb. It means the problem is there. Now officials suggest that something must be done so this problem can be resolved fast.

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