Chemicals Found in Alabama Drinking Water Won’t Be Limited By Trump EPA , Report Says

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Chemicals Found in Alabama Drinking Water Won’t Be Limited By Trump EPA , Report Says

Even though the general public wants to know about how to safely drink tap water, the Trump administration does not show any plan for setting up standards that will limit different chemical levels in water.

It was expected that the EPA would release a detailed report on the PFAS compound and how it affects the human body and the environment. These chemicals, namely PFOS and PFOA, are used widely in Teflon, Scotchgard, firefighting foam of defense, and even waterproof clothing.

It is believed that almost 98% of Americans have these chemicals in their blood stream. In about 16 million Americans’ tap water, these chemicals were found at levels that is said to be dangerous by the EPA which has obviously decided that these chemicals will not be regulated in the Drinking Water Act.

There is no need to remove these chemicals from the drinking water supplies. Still, different states have started taking their own action.

Although both the Republicans and the Democrats are trying so that EPA can set some rules for these chemicals, the Trump government seems not to show any interest in all this. One of the major reasons for this may be that, if EPA takes action against these two chemicals, then major chemical companies, as well as the Defense department, will be facing a liability of billions of dollars for cleaning the chemicals that have contaminated the ground water near the military bases and the chemical plants.

Opponents are attacking the Trump administration with statements that they care more about corporate profit than public welfare. If the EPA does not take action, it means that they are simply doing as they are instructed.

World renowned chemical company 3M has been manufacturing PFOS and PFOS for decades and they are one source of PFAS contamination of water in Alabama. Their attorneys argue that these chemicals do not pose any risk to humans. While the environmentalists believe that these chemicals are quite harmful for the human body.

Even the acting administrator did not commit anything about setting a standard for these chemicals in the drinking water. Many suggest using the water filter softeners, but that will not help much with these two chemicals. Without commitment, there is high risk that these two chemicals will continue to be in the tap water for coming days. That may prove very dangerous someday.

Politico also states that, if these chemicals are to be removed, then 3M and the Department of Defense will have to face liability of billions of dollars. Actually, 3M has already paid $1.5 billion for settling lawsuits that included injury claims.

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The main health problem associated with these chemicals is a threat to pregnant women. During pregnancy, if they drink contaminated water, then the development of fetus may have problems! Even breastfeeding mothers should be careful about these chemicals. There are other health problems like liver effects, cancer in kidneys or testicles, and affects to the immune system.

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