Cancer-Causing Chemical TCP Plagues California Drinking Water

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Cancer-Causing Chemical TCP Plagues California Drinking Water

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California Central Valley has hundreds of chemical contaminated wells, say experts. They say the chemical is a powerful cancer-causing agent.

The state is ready to regulate the substance, TCP, but an activist group’s data reveals that even utilities detect this chemical across the country.

People living there, such as Jerry Tinoco, 45, from the Arvin city, says in outrage that three of his close family members are diagnosed with cancer, and as this is a man-made chemical, someone is to blame.

How dangerous is TCP? The EPA has affirmed that it may be carcinogenic to humans, and the water board of California warns its residents ‘to not shower’ under this infected water as they may inhale the chemical.

cancer causing chemical in tap water

At Oregon Health and Science University, The Institute of Environmental Health professor, Paul Tratnyek, studied TCP for the Defense Department and informed that a few more chemicals match the same toxicity, and even a small TCP amount in the water will cause a potential health effect.

TCP is a degreasing agent used in plastic products production. The presence of the chemical in the water supply is attributable largely to industrial giants recycling TCP by packaging it in association with agricultural pesticides.

It is believed that TCP entered the Central Valley drinking water as the Shell Oil Company and Dow Chemical Company, at their chemical plants, created a hazardous waste stream, putting it in barrels and selling it to farmers, who injected it into the ground, said Robbins.

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