California to begin piping sewer water into drinking water

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California to begin piping sewer water into drinking water

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And yes, it’s full of toxic chemicals !

Water has become scarce, and municipalities are piping recycled sewer water into people’s homes, a new report shows.

The California State Water Resources Control Board announced recently that it will allow wastewater to be treated so that it can be reused as drinking water.

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A certain recycled wastewater percentage will be mixed with fresh water, officials say. Thus, after using it for the second time, it will undergo a waiting period to be used again for another time.

The sewer-to-reservoir setup, or toilet-to-tap, is not new in certain Southern Californian areas. They have been recycling water for many years, but implementing the same on a wide scale throughout the state is new and experimental.

California has 36 primary reservoirs for drinking water, and Barajas say all these could potentially end up converted as toilet-to-tap by flooding them with municipal waste water. Nevertheless, significant upgrades are required for it to occur before it becomes operational.

Barajas also told the local media that the regulations are there but not the infrastructure.

The question now is: Is recycled toilet water safe to drink? Yes, according to independent scientific reviews. This announcement appears after California conducted an independent scientific review, a two-year review process that showed converting toilet water into tap water is a safe process and believed to protect public health.

According to California, this is a safe process, and it is working on this expansion system that is referred to as ‘direct potable reuse’, involving recycled water piping back into the drinking water system. This recycled water will be directly dispensed upstream of a water plant for treatment, and once sanitized, it will be ready for reuse. By 2023, new rules will be released to govern this system.

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