Beware of Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity, a World Expert on Lead Warns

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Beware of Fluoride’s Neurotoxicity, a World Expert on Lead Warns


As per the report of Fluoride Action Network (FAN), Fluoride is amongst those chemicals that are suspected of interfering with the neurodevelopment among children. It was published in a major review article by Dr. David Bellinger in the journal, Pediatric Medicine.
Bellinger is one of the most renowned experts who deals with neurotoxicity of lead. He holds two important position at Harvard, three in Boston, and one at Boston’s Children hospital.

In his review, he cited meta-analysis of 27 IQ studies of Iraq and China (Choi et al. 2012), and then he co-authored a follow up story. These studies by Bellinger show there is a strong association between the fluoride level in pregnant women and the IQ of the children birthed forthwith. The IQ level is found to be lowered in these offspring.

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Although the media has covered the Choi meta-analysis since 2012, they didn’t consider the neurotoxicity studies held before that. They have even shown interest in studies that are mainly concerned with tooth decay!

Director of FAN, Paul Connett, PhD said that he expected as more and more pregnant women learn about this relation between their offspring and the danger of Fluoride, they will try to avoid any source of fluoride in their diet and regular habits too. Parents must also avoid feeding their babies in water bottles that contain fluorinated tap water. There are already a lot of studies and more will only confirm these facts.

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