Austin sees spike in recycling after boil-water notice

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Austin sees spike in recycling after boil-water notice


After the heavy rain and floods in Texas on October 22, the residents of Austin were informed to boil the water before use because the water treatment plants were overloaded and were working at their full capacity.

As soon as the notice was released, the residents of Austin rushed to the stores and cleared all the available plastic jugs and bottles to store water.

The notice was lifted on October 28, and Austin’s recycling center was struck with a humongous amount of recycling plastic.

The Austin American-Statesman reported that, according to the statistics, the month of October saw a spike of 8.7% from the previous year (2017) with respect to the recyclable resources collected, and the month of November saw a spike of 5% from the previous year.

The division manager for the operation of Austin’s recycling center Ron Romero said that, after the end of the notice, the amount of recyclable plastic collected in the following three weeks was “just crazy.”
In 2017, the recycling center collected 4,800 tons of recyclable materials whereas, in October 2018, they have collected 5,230 tons. In November 2017, they have collected 4,900 tons of recyclables but in November 2018, the amounts of recyclables collected raised to 5,160 tons.

After the boil-water notice, every resident had their recycling cart overflown and the recycling center had to arrange extra trucks to move the materials as soon as possible. After the end of the notice, the center also had 40 of its employees work overtime in the two weeks to collect all the excess materials.

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