America’s Tap Water is Contaminated Too Much. Insufficient Reporting, Study Finds

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America’s Tap Water is Contaminated Too Much. Insufficient Reporting, Study Finds


The drinking water in America is not safe. Yes, about one-fourth of the tap water that is drunk by Americans is unsafe for drinking. It is either contaminated or not properly monitored. This is true for almost 77 million Americans who are exposed to a water system that is violating the safety regulations.

Public driking water areas contamination

The dots on this map from EWG show areas where public drinking water was contaminated with either nitrates or trihalomethanes, a harmful chemical byproduct of the water treatment process.screenshot/

The problem is not that only some of the tap water has a high concentration of lead, arsenic, nitrates, and other pollutants, but the problem lies in the fact that residents are not sure whether to drink the water or not.

Incidents at different places have pinpointed to the fact again and again: A major aquifer was contaminated in Tampa, Fla when contaminated water leaked from a sinkhole that opened in September 2017. Jim Hogg County, Texas served its residents water that had a high level of arsenic for years!

There are different regulations for safe drinking water, but no proper enforcement of those regulations is taking place. Among the 80,000 reported violations of safety regulations, action has been taken on only 12,000 cases. The infrastructure for drinking water is age-old, and nothing much is done for replacement water.

The state needs to interfere, but federal laws get in the way. President Trump has shown a keen interest in infrastructure development for providing ‘crystal clear drinking water,’ but that is still in the books. The EPA is taking an active part now, so these regulations can be enforced and safe drinking water can be provided to American citizens.

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  1. John-wunder says:

    it’s more important in America to build a wall than to build a solid water infrastructure ! fools

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Shocking Truth About Tap Water

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