83 Percent of City Schools Found With Too Much Lead in Water, Data Shows

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83 Percent of City Schools Found With Too Much Lead in Water, Data Shows


In the past 6 months, about 83% of schools have shown an elevated level of lead in their water. 1281 school buildings had a lead level higher than 15 parts per billion (ppb). Most boroughs, including its Brooklyn, Manhattan, or Bronx, had schools where the lead level was even higher. Among all these, the highest level was at William Grady Career and Technical High School.
For testing, the city had collected 132,000 samples in total, among them 8 percent had a lead level that was quite high. It is believed this is mainly because of the lead water outlets that are responsible for adding lead to water.

The city officials have taken action: All the drinking and cooking water fixtures that have lead pipes with lead levels higher than 15 ppb were immediately replaced.

The city is also posting the data on their school website in 10 different languages, so parents are well-aware of the fact. It contains the complete lab reports and the lead ppb level at present, so parents can take action if required.

However, the problem persists as the lead level is not consistent. Whatever it is today may change tomorrow. After the crisis in Flint, the authorities do not want to take a chance. They want to ensure schools with small children under 3 years of age receive more care as lead poisoning affects them the most. Even parents are requesting to be aware of this fact and, if required, to take a blood test.

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