What are PFAS? Their dangers in relation to water and food.

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What are PFAS? Their dangers in relation to water and food.

PFAS are POLYFLUOROAKLYL items that are a chemical group widely used in various industries (includes PFOAA, PFOS and many other chemicals). You will find the application of this chemical group in industries like food wrapping, firefighting foams, metal plating, as well as apparel, to name a few. As research suggests, PFAS are highly toxic, and exposure to these chemicals can trigger various fatal ailments, including cancer. A recently conducted survey in the US suggests tap water across the country features an alarmingly high percentage of these chemicals dissolved in it. If truth be told, this has severely affected in excess of 30 communities across the country.


What are the probable adversities in exposure to PFAS?

The threats in this regard are manifold. Research suggests the rising rate of cancer victims across the US is majorly due to contamination of water by these chemicals. As per the Environmental Protection Agency, US water containing PFAS in excess of 70 PPT is alarming and not suitable for human usage in any forms. Here are the key health threats that these chemicals are likely to trigger:

  • It is assumed that PFAS negatively affect and retard the growth, behavior, and learning process in infants and older children. Usually, it retards their usual physical and mental development and growth.
  • One of the biggest health threats of these chemicals is that it can retard the chances of pregnancy in women. Usually, if these chemicals get into the body, it is likely that it will trigger abnormality in the female hormones. It is for this reason that PFAS also trigger various Gynecological troubles in women.
  • People consuming water with an excessively high extent of PFAS are more prone to abnormally high Cholesterol levels, which shatters cardiac health, in turn. Thus, if you blindly trust the filtration process in tap water, you need to give it a second thought.
  • It is likely that the use of water with an alarmingly high extent of PFAS will shatter the immune system of the body. If this happens, you will become more vulnerable to catch various diseases and ailments. In such condition, healing becomes almost impossible, raising the risks of life loss as well.
  • In the US and Mexico, the use of water loaded with PFAS has been identified as the major reason for the acceleration of the rate of cancer of various types.
  • Exposure to PFAS is likely to trigger negative changes in the thyroid, liver, and Pancreatic functions.

The threats and risks discussed above are just the tip of the iceberg, with the major part of the chunk still standing unexplored before modern health Science. If truth be told, most health risks due to PFAS are yet to come up.

Ensure the water you use and the foods you eat are completely free of these toxins, and you need to take adequate measures to protect yourself and your loved ones from this stringent health threat.

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