How To Test Your Tap For Lead

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How To Test Your Tap For Lead

Beyond Flint

After Flint, most people are in a dilemma if they too are exposed to lead contamination.
EPA suggests that about 20% of lead is from contaminated water. This happens as most of the houses built before 1986 have lead pipelines. Now, when water gets deposited there for long, the lead gets into the water and reaches your home.

Sources of Lead in Tap water

It takes the lead to build up over time, but with ongoing exposure, it is dangerous, especially for children below six years of age. Thus, while it might take time, it is toxic and very harmful. Hence, the question arises whether you are at risk or not.

What to do ?

The first thing to do is to call your municipal water suppliers and ask them for the Consumer Confidence Report which you can find it by typing your ZIP code into the EPA’s web site at

Lead Poisoning and Pregnancy


You will be able to know the level of contaminants there. If the lead level is below 15 ppb, then you have nothing to worry about.

Know whether the service pipe of the water supply has lead in it. Then take steps that will remove lead from your drinking water. You can buy a water purifier, but be cautious as all water purifiers do not remove lead. For more on this , you may want to read our article on How to safely drink tap water?

This with filtration, reverse osmosis and distillation (be cautious here) can remove lead. Do not boil the water with the hope that lead will be removed as boiling cannot remove lead.

Next, you also need to check if your in-house pipelines have lead in it. You can ask your plumber to help you with that. If there is lead, then proceed as above.

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Shocking Truth About Tap Water

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