how to choose a water filter ?

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how to choose a water filter ?

Are you planning to bring home a water filter? If so, you deserve appreciation for taking a wise step for securing your health. These days, across the globe, major troubles exist with the supply of contaminated water. Exposure to such contaminated water for a long time can adversely affect your physical and mental health. Hence, installing an effective water filter surely makes sense. But, what type of water filter should you opt for? Here is your guide that will help you to identify the most suitable one.

Top options in Water Filters that will be worthy to consider

  • Activated Carbon Filters: Alternatively known as Pre-filters, these pieces come highly effective in eliminating large particles, like silt and sediments, from the water stream. The work involves the attraction and absorption of the particles; thus, you get a supply of almost pristine water.
  • RO Filters: Probably, the most popular option in the category of water filters, these filters are appreciated for their capacity to eliminate all those contaminants that can trigger the most adverse health reactions. This filter is the top choice as it can produce purification to the extent of 99%. However, you need to consider the point that RO filters are not that effective in eliminating gases. So, if the trouble is with gases, this will not be the right choice to opt for.
  • UV Filters: Filters that involve cutting-edge technology, these filters feature the capacity to eliminate microbes like viruses and bacteria. The best part about these filters is that you will not need to use any chemicals or heating to power its operation. As the function goes without the use of chemicals, it ensures optimum safety and security of the users. This is going to be a top choice if you are looking for an environmental-friendly water filter.
  • Infrared water filters: This model basically softens the water, so if your trouble is with hard water, you won’t get a better option. This model uses light and heat for charging the water negatively, thereby producing a softer feel.

Keep in mind that not all types of filters are equally effective in treating all types of troubles with the water. For instance, RO filters don’t put a good show in treating water with excessive ionized water or containing gasses in very high extent. Hence, in such instances, you should not opt for filters working on RO technology.

Once, you have identified the major threat with the water in your area, you need to look for the feature that will be most effective in addressing it. These days, the market is flooded with ample options of water purifiers. Each of these options works on different processes and features different sets of key characters.

You should always check the reviews from existing users and it makes sense to opt for those devices that feature positive reviews and high ratings. Alternatively, you can seek recommendations from reliable people within your network. We have gathered some of the best selling water softeners here.

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