Effects of chlorine in water: good or bad ?

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Effects of chlorine in water: good or bad ?

Chlorine is one of the most commonly used agents to treat and purify water. There is no doubt that chlorine can offer some basic and primary protection to eliminate the pollutants from the feed stream. However, various researches and surveys have accounted for the fact that the consumption of water excessively high in Chlorine can trigger some adverse health effects. As such, it is important that both the pros and cons of Chlorine water should be given consideration.

What are the pros of using Chlorine to treat and purify water?

The primary reason to have chlorine in water is to eliminate the viruses and bacteria that enter the water stream through various ways. The residue of Chlorine can offer some basic protection from these pathogens. Though, there are chances that chlorine can trigger low-level contamination reacting with organic materials. However, such threats can be regulated closely by the EPA.

If the extent of chlorine in water is within permissible limits, there can be no threats to trigger some major health issues. Hence, you need to monitor it closely to determine that the extent of chlorine is not crossing this level. Else, there are chances for the outburst of major health issues.

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What are the probable threats of having excessive chlorine in water?

  • The biggest issue in this regard is that it accelerates the chances of catching various types of cancer. A recently conducted research in the US suggests that excessive Chlorine in water is one of the major factors to trigger cancer in millions of victims. Usually, Chlorinated water triggers the chances of bladder cancer almost by 50%.
  • If the feed water is rich in chlorine, it can affect the growth and mental and physical health of children. The tender skin of infants is highly vulnerable to irreversible troubles, if exposed to chlorinated water.
  • Another research accounts for the fact that the use of Chlorinated water even accelerates the rate of cell damage.
  • Are you exposed to Chlorinated water for long? If so, you are more likely to catch Asthma, as well as various other ailments of the lungs and heart. It has been observed that such water often increases the dryness in the throat and triggers irritation in the nasal avenue.
  • The chances of catching fatal heart troubles increases if you are using water containing chlorine in very high extent.
  • When the percentage of chlorine in water is very high, it damages the health of the skin and hair. Such water can even accelerate and intensify aging problems.

Thus, even if it is necessary to use Chlorine to treat and purify water, ensure that you are not using it in an excessive amount.

Note that water contains come chlorine naturally dissolved in it. Hence, you need to use very little, so that the percentage of chlorine in water is not crossing the permissible extent and triggering major threats to your health.

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